Summer 2021: Pre-Travel Checklist


If you’re ready to finally escape to sunnier climes now that travel restrictions are being eased, it’s important to plan your journey meticulously to get as much carefree enjoyment out of it as possible. By ensuring you have access to all the essential items you’re going to need during your post-lockdown vacation, you can make the experience a truly unforgettable one – for all the right reasons. Read on to take a look at the key summer 2021 must-haves:


PPE equipment

Chances are that you will need to have access to protective gear at various points during your holiday. Even if you have been vaccinated more than once, some establishments may still turn you away if you’re not using certain items. Other holidaymakers will feel more comfortable if they see you are using these items too. This means you should consider taking masks, protective cases and gloves with you whenever you leave your accommodation. There’s a big chance you’ll need to wear a mask in most or all of the public places that you pass through on your holiday. You may also need to wear a visor during your flight.


Sanitising products

Other items that you should carry around with you throughout your break including hand sanitiser, hand soap, sanitising wipes and a water bottle. Even outside of a pandemic, it’s wise to carry water with you, especially if you’re visiting a warmer hotspot. You can use wipes and spray to wipe down surfaces including tables, chairs, handles and doorknobs before you touch them. No vaccine is 100% effective, so you do need to bear this in mind even if you have had not one but two jabs.


Suitable luggage

It’s always been important to use the right kind of luggage bag for your needs. Transporting a bulky, heavy bag around with you in hot weather can be very challenging, so try to find something that you can carry around with ease. Many people use a bag with wheels when they are visiting cities so they don’t have to place so much pressure on their shoulders. A wheeled backpack may be a good option for you if the kind of terrain you’ll be walking on will vary. You can easily switch between rolling and carrying a wheeled backpack when necessary.


Essential medication

When it comes to medication, you may need to carry a range of products around with you depending on your needs. Medication commonly used by holidaymakers includes pain relief tablets, cough medicine, motion sickness tablets and antihistamine tablets. Don’t forget to pack any special prescription medicine that you rely on as you may find it hard to access it once you’re out of the UK.


Your phone and back-up power

You’ll need to keep your phone with you at all times. Contactless payments are fast becoming the norm, and you may need your phone to pay for products and services or show that they have already been paid for. You may wish to purchase a backup charger so you’re covered if you do drain your power. It’s worth remembering that you may need to show your proof of vaccination on your phone too.


Sustainable swimwear

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