Essential Post-Covid Travel Tips for an Amazing 2021 Holiday


Many of us are now booking post-lockdown holidays with a mix of excitement and anxiety. After being cooped up for so long, it’s understandable that it might be difficult to get fully back into holiday mode. If you are ready to head to sunnier climes once again but don’t feel fully prepared to travel as yet, check out our key post-Covid travel tips to help you keep the fuss, strain and worry to a minimum. Taking these steps can make things that little bit easier for yourself and as well as those around you.


Keep using PPE

Wherever you’re heading in the coming months, make sure you have all the relevant personal protective equipment that you need at all times. Some bars, hotels and restaurants may be more stringent than others, so carry masks and sanitiser with you at all times so you’re not turned away.  Make sure you have sanitiser with you at all times so you can wipe surfaces down whenever necessary.


Keep washing your hands

The pandemic told many of us that we weren’t washing our hands as frequently as necessary. Washing your hands regularly can help you maintain a high standard of personal hygiene and stop you from spreading various harmful bugs.


Prepare your proof of vaccination

If you can’t prove that you have been vaccinated, you may not be granted entry to the country that you’re visiting. You may also need it to enter venues like bars and clubs, so keep it on you at all times during your stay. Some countries will require you to quarantine for a lengthy period once you arrive. These periods can be much longer than the average holiday, so you may need to stay away from such places for a year or two.


Book leisure activities in advance

Many people who have attempted to head out for a meal or drink in the UK will have needed to book well in advance to secure their spot. This is likely to be the case in many overseas countries. It’s unlikely that you will simply be able to walk in unannounced at many overseas venues, so get your bookings in as you can.


Keep your distance

Even if you’ve received multiple vaccinations, it’s still important to maintain a healthy distance from others. This can put minds at ease and stop you from clashing with others during your travels. No vaccine is 100% effective, so there’s always a chance you could still spread the virus.


Get insured

Travel insurance providers have been overhauling their policies to reflect the ‘new normal’. If you don’t get the right policy, you may not receive a refund if your trip is cancelled due to the virus. Travel insurance also covers you for unexpected medical bills that you might incur during your holiday. Having an accident abroad can be very costly, so it’s essential to be covered just in case.


Don’t wait to book your flights

Social distancing means there’s a great deal of competition to secure spots on flights right now. This means it’s wise to act as soon as possible to avoid missing out. Before you do go ahead and place a booking, find out what the consequences of cancelling are. This should stop you from being left out of pocket.


Get your wardrobe holiday-ready

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